image Eco Friendly Belize Known as 'Mother Nature's best-kept secret', Belize has become increasingly environmentally conscious.
It is an on-going process of education and action. We hope to do our part.

Awareness – Understanding – Concern – Commitment – Action, the AUCCA will assist the Caribbean Blue community in better achieving sustainable environmental, economic and social/cultural balance in its development and partnership with the surrounding communities. This process will then lead to our community sharing in our mission.

Caribbean Blue and the Environment:
 Our goals are to:
   • Learn about environmental issues and share information with our owners
   • Learn about developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change
   • Strive to buy, and use environmentally friendly products
   • Engage and empower our owners towards environmentally responsible practices
   • Measuring and monitoring our progress for our projects
   • Encourage all owners to share in our mission of sustainable practices within our local and the larger regional community.


As the Central American and Caribbean arm of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism in the United Kingdom, ICRT-Belize shares and advocates for a common objective of all ICRTs which is to partnerwith the private sector, government and local communities to "take responsibility for achieving sustainable tourism, and to create better places for people to live and for people to visit."

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